How resilient are you?

This assessment provides you with an opportunity to identify the personal strengths you have as well as the ones which you may want to work on developing to become more resilient. Please read through the statements and mark those which best reflect who you are.

I have positive, supportive relationships with others.
I am able to stand up for myself and can say 'No'.
When I say that I will do something, I usually follow through and get it done.
I have good problem solving skills and can make decisions fairly easily.
I view mistakes more as opportunities to learn than just another failure.
When faced with a problem, I feel confident that I can usually come up with solutions.
I usually feel as though I am in control of what happens in my life.
I like the way I act.
I can express my emotions honestly and openly.
I am usually optimistic and believe things will work out.
I do not avoid new situations or challenges.
I am responsible for what happens to me.
I usually don't have a hard time controlling my emotions.
I am a positive thinker and don't spend a lot of energy or time worrying about things.
I don't get mad easily or hold grudges.
I am willing to put a lot of energy into the things I care about.
I don't take life too seriously and am often able to laugh at myself.
I don't let others expectations and opinions guide how I live my life or feel about myself.
I enjoy spending time with my family.
I am fairly confident and like myself.
I am usually able to maintain a sense of balance between my family and outside obligations.
I am resourceful and can ask for help if I need it.
If I am unhappy with some aspect of my life, I believe I can change it.
I enjoy life.
I have good coping skills and can deal with most of the issues in my life.
I am a good listener and can usually tell what others are saying and feeling.
I believe that I am stronger as a result of difficult times I have gone through.
I believe it is important to think before I act.
Helping others makes me feel good.
I enjoy challenges and am fairly confident that I can handle them.
I know my life has purpose.
I can handle the upsets in my life without falling apart or losing my sense of focus or balance.
I adapt fairly easily to change.
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