What are the benefits of coaching?


A recent survey conducted by the ICF on the benefits of coaching found that coaching:

  •  increased self-awareness (67.6%),

  •  better goal setting (62.4%),

  •  a more balanced life (60.5%),

  •  lower stress (57.1%),

  •  enhanced self-discovery (52.9%),

  •  and increased self-confidence (52.4%).

Coaching has also been shown to enhance psychological well-being and resilience, while reducing depression, stress or anxiety.


Coaching can increase clarity -- about your previous choices, your dreams and goals, as well as a greater clarity about the steps you can take to achieve your goals. Increased awareness and appreciation of your strengths and all you have to offer are also benefits of coaching, increasing your confidence that you can create a life that better reflects your values, strengths and dreams.

And for many coaching clients, such an awareness allows them to put aside the "Gremlin" or inner voice that could be holding them back -- that small voice within us that makes us question our abilities, our relationships, our dreams, and our ability to achieve them.