Is coaching the same as therapy?


No. While coaching and therapy share some similarities, such as a commitment to confidentiality and helping one's clients deal with the stresses in life, there are also important differences between therapy and coaching.

Therapy . . .

  • Focuses on the past or the impact that your past has on your present life

  • Assumes that the client needs to be "healed"

  • Focuses on the client's deficits, on treating psychological dysfunction, and on relieving emotional pain

  • The therapist is considered to be the expert, the one with answers about what is right for the client

Coaching, on the other hand . . .

  • Focuses on the future, creating possibilities to enrich your life

  • Assumes that the client is whole

  • Focuses on the client's strengths, enhancing and building on these strengths

  • The client is considered to be the expert, able to determine what is best for their lives

Coaching should not be used as a substitute for therapy and I encourage you to find a competent therapist if you feel you need one.