Once I decide to hire a coach, what can I expect?


Before your first session, you will receive a Welcome Packet giving you additional information about the coaching relationship, as well as an intake form designed to help you begin clarifying the issues you might want to address in our coaching relationship.

Most coaching session usually last for an hour or so, allowing us an opportunity to get to know each other and identify areas you hope to improve or change. Regularly scheduled follow-up session usually last 30 - 45 minutes, giving us a chance to further explore your hopes and dreams, and the steps you may want to take to achieve them.

As your coach, I will not only share and believe in your dreams, but if need be, will challenge you to make sure you stay focused on achieving your goals. Between sessions you may be taking steps to move forward -- field work and accountability are often an important part of coaching and helping you create the life you desire.

Our coaching relationship is designed to meet your needs, and will continue as long as you find it is benefiting you. Its focus is based on your needs, your objectives and I am committed about helping you create a more satisfying life.