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  Surviving and thriving life’s transitions together

Volume 2 Issue 1

Dreaming of Spring and Gardens

I am really ready for Spring. It’s April and today in Ohio, it’s snowing, again. It’s been a long winter, and there comes a time when you just know that you’ve had enough and are ready to move beyond the gray, dreary days which seem to zap my energy, creativity, and sometimes even hope that it won’t be winter forever.

 I long for Spring, for those days filled with the promise of what is to come, from the trees and flowers blooming and painting the landscape with their beautiful rich colors, to the sun warming everything, sharing its energy. I am ready to go out and play in my garden.  

At times like these,  I am amazed how well our personal transitions reflect those of the seasons – those dark, dreary days as we mourn and try to accept the losses that we have experienced as a result of the change in our lives, days when we feel almost hopeless aren’t sure it will ever end. Then there are those days when there is a glimmer that perhaps it won’t last forever.   

Steps to Creating Your Garden

While I don’t seem to have much impact on our weather, the good news is that there is a lot that we can do to begin moving forward into Spring, to create a life (or a garden) that is filled with beauty, that makes our world look brighter and happier.

Exploring The Possibilities

Even before reaching for the shovel, you have to know what plants will make you happy and will work in your special garden. Take some time to think about what you want to add to your life, what will bring you happiness and brighten your life. Perhaps it’s a new hobby, undertaking a new path like a change in job, taking classes, etc.  

What you can plant in this garden is endless, limited only by your needs and your imagination. So, think about everything that might grow, might add to your happiness, and begin gathering the seeds of ideas and dreams you want to grow. You may later decide that some aren’t right for your garden – that’s ok, right now you’re exploring the possibilities, flipping through the catalogue pages so see which ones appeal to you.

Preparing the Land 

Before you can really plant the seeds and begin to see the growth, you often have to tend to the land, to remove all the  weeds which  may detract from your new garden.  Are there obligations or energy-drainers in your life which are keeping  you from being able to create the new you, things which you could let go as you move forward? Whether it’s a relationship,  a habit, or even those self-doubts that we all struggle with, now is a great time to evaluate whether these things really add  or detract from your life and start to pull out all those weeds which are holding you back. 

Planting the Seeds

When you’re ready, when you’ve decided what goes in your garden, it’s time to plant the seeds, to take the first steps to begin to create this new garden. The holes you dig don’t have to be big – it’s just important to get them going so they can begin to grow. In planting the seeds, you are taking the first, most important step in creating your own life! It’s best to start out with small steps, for, like the seeds, they will soon grow as you feel more comfortable with this  enhanced you.

 Tending the Garden

In order to grow into their full potential, everything needs to be cared for and so during this time, it’s important to take care of yourself. Be patient with yourself and know that the things you want may not happen right away but they will grow, will be beautiful.  Each day, notice the changes that occur, in your thoughts, your undertakings, in whatever you decide is important, and celebrate each growth! With time, you and your garden will bloom to live in the beauty of the sun.


Getting Help

And if you’re afraid you’re always going to be in winter and can’t possibly imagine how to even begin, you may want to consider trying coaching. In many ways, coaching is like a greenhouse – a warm, nurturing environment in which you can safely grow, knowing that your coach is committed to helping you to find the tools you need to flourish, supporting you unconditionally as you begin to come out of winter into the beauty of Spring.  

If you’re interested in seeing whether coaching can help, or you have any questions, please email me and let’s all hope that Spring is right around the corner.


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