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  Surviving and thriving life’s transitions together


I have always been fascinated by resiliency, the ability of people to bounce back during difficult times. It impacts not only how people respond to setbacks or challenges, but also the quality of their lives. Resiliency makes a big difference! Those who are resilient live longer, have less mental health issues, view their lives more positively, and are better able to cope with life's challenges and grow.

Research has shown there are a number of protective factors or characteristics which make an individual resilient, including an optimistic viewpoint, self-efficacy and self-confidence, good problem-solving skills, a sense of humor, a strong support system, an internal locus of control, and self-esteem, to name a few.

The good news is that we can increase our resilience by building these important strengths. That's why I am committed to offering each of my clients strength-based coaching, to help them build their strengths so they will be better able to deal with life's road bumps and create fulfilling lives.

If you're curious about your level of resiliency, this self-assessment provides you with a way of exploring the protective factors that are important for resiliency.

 How Resilient Are You?

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