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  Surviving and thriving life’s transitions together


I felt lost after my daughter went to college. Coaching really helped me to get beyond the sadness and to become excited about what the future holds for me. Our coaching sessions gave me the space to explore my values and dreams, to set goals and to begin thinking about what I really wanted to do in my life. It was a great, fun experience and I strongly encourage others to sign up for coaching with Ellen.    

Like most people, I have found the journey of life often difficult to navigate. However, it has been my fortunate experience to have found Ellen, who has assisted me through a number of difficult life transitions. As a coach, Ellen has offered me her support and guidance as I changed career paths and persevered through transforming many of my personal relationships. When I was lacking confidence, motivation, and vision for my own life, Ellen believed in me until I learned to believe in myself.

My worst nightmare had become a reality. My beloved husband of thirty-three years died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Suddenly, I was alone with three children still at home, no job, and I was at a place in my mind where I felt cast adrift in a boat with no anchor. Dr. Ritter gently took me in hand, using only phone contact, and with unusual understanding, she encouraged me to take that first baby step. She made me proud of myself, and she made me believe in myself again. Her belief in me never faltered. There were times when I wondered how she could know me so well, when I didn’t even know myself. How could this woman know that I could do what I knew I couldn’t? She worked magic within me. She instilled in me the strength and confidence I needed to move forward without my husband.

Ellen Neiley Ritter, Ph.D. introduced me to the idea of "life transition coaching" through an Internet forum designed to help women cope with their changing roles as mothers of adult children. As I read her posts, I knew immediately that she would be a woman who would understand me and provide outstanding guidance during a difficult time in my life journey. I value Ellen as a role model, a friend and a coach that has positively influenced my life immensely.

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